Running restaurant transfer

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  • 070ECE7A-515E-49B0-8D6B-EBF7D9244F25
  • 7C794E57-8A14-4605-8791-F84DA6E37F0A
  • E28FBAA6-D6D5-443E-B4DC-FB2810AEAE60
Running restaurant transfer
C/ Crucero baleares, 6 - 35660 Corralejo - Fuerteventura
Transfer €170,000.00 - Bar / Restaurant

Running business transfer in Corralejo! Located in the best spot, right on the main street, this local is brand new and fully equipped. It boasts of a 200sqm main floor with open kitchen and bar, with also 2 privee areas. It also has a 260sqm storage room in the basement. With a front terrace and a modern and elegant style, this local is a very good investment for those who want to run restaurant in one of the best locations of the town. Monthly rent 2000€ including water and electricity bills.

Mapa de la propiedad

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